Datejust watch

Brief history of Datejust watch, the most representative model of Rolex

The world of watches is prevailed by stop watch and some rare and complex perpetual-calendar wristwatch. However, in 1945, Rolex presented the first Datejust watch with a mechanism of fast adjustment.

Let’s introduce the founder of Rolex: Hans Wilsdorf , born in 1881. the history of the most well-known watch maker in the world began in Kulmbach, a Bavarian city. Hans Wilsdorf completed a commercial apprentice training in Germany, and once worked in the industry of Swiss watchmaking when he was young.

He worked in Swiss for several years, and then moved to Britain at the age of 24. having learnt that many watch factories only make pocket watch, an inspiration occurs to Wilsdorf that, whether a difference can be made?

By Cooperating with Davis in 1905, Wilsdorf Founded the Largest Luxury Brand in the World

During 2-year stay in London, Wilsdorf was strongly inspired by the idea that watch is a highly marketized and societal product, therefore, he formed a partnership with his brother-in-law, Alfred Davis and founded Wilsdorf & Davis company. They shared business in the company, Davis took charge of making watchcase, Wilsdorf took charge of purchasing movement.

The main business of Wilsdorf & Davis was to import the Swiss Hermann Aegler movement to England, and to place it into the high-quality watchcase made by Denison and other makers. However, this newly founded brand of wristwatch needs a name that is commercialized and globally-recognized. In 1908, it was said the name of Rolex was invented by Wilsdorf (this name is just a pure brainchild of Wilsdorf, without any special reason)

Since 1913, Rolex had the exclusive franchise of the BIELER Aegler SA movement in the UK, even though it was still protected by Rolex, but the name was no longer used since the 1930s because the Rolex has acquired the company. Due to the First World War, Wilsdorf moved the company to Switzerland. MONTRES Rolex SA was officially registered on January 17, 1920

One key feature of Rolex is precision, it can be found that, as early as 1910, it had passed the Observatory watch test . Today, almost all Rolex watches are certified by COSC.

Datejust watch
Datejust watch

Rolex 1950 golden two-tones model

Long History of Rolex Datejust Watch

The first innovative design of Rolex that has had a huge impact on the market is the waterproof case, named as Oyster case-it’s just like a closed shell of an oyster. This name and concept is now still in use, its specific bottom case can only be opened with a special tool.

In 1931, Rolex launched the oyster-type constant watch with built-in automatic movement, which was automatically winded by the spinning top. In order to have more practical use values, Hans Wilsdorf integrates a new, simple, but important feature: date display. So Ref.4467 was born. It is close to the actual version: a gold watch with large three pointers, at 3 o’clock position is the date window, at midnight it will automatically renew the date.

Due to the design of the middle gear and a spring mechanism, the date plate can make an instant jump at midnight. As a result, calendars are almost always accurate at all times. This is a groundbreaking invention of the Rolex.

Datejust watch
Datejust watch

1950 Rolex datejust matched with Jubilee watch chain

In the beginning, the Rolex datejust type lacks a major feature: Date Magnifier. Only in 1954, after nine years of research and development, Rolex launched a groundbreaking invention — date magnifier. At first there was only gold version. Later, Rolex then decided to introduce a rose gold , steel or duotone version. Watch Bezel at the time was a little different from it is now , not the tooth ring design that is well known now, Rolex uses coin-textured watch bezel.

When the watch was launched, it was a great success, and it was equipped with more new features: automatic winding, high precision and date display, oyster-type constant-motion datejust, making it a delicate and practical watch. High waterproof performance is realized through the rotary-type bottom cover—– commonly known as bubbleback, the circular bulging is also subject to the shape of automatic spinning top. This datejust model also introduced the commemorative Jubilee watch chain, a new type gold chain, and it is still present in the current Rolex products, what a classic!

In 1945, the Rolex perpetual datejust type used the Cal.710 movement, which was then replaced by the Cal.730 movement, which had 17 diamonds. However, these movements, though reliable and firm, are also very difficult to repair because it is almost impossible to find fittings. And Rolex does not produce spare parts, so even the Rolex no longer repairs these historical models. For such a watch, a very high valuation can be attached-during the auction, an average watch can cost 10000 Eur.

Datejust watch
Datejust watch

Rolex 1958 platinum version, with tooth ring and date magnifier

In 1957, the perpetual datejust type changed its design. Because of its new Calibre 1065, the watch back is now flat, and also uses the date Magnifier. The price of it is also considerable (with the 1950s standard, of course), and the dual-tone datejust-type Jubilee watch chain version is priced at 360 USD, which was also quite high at the time.

In 1965, the movement changed again, introducing the very famous Calibre 1570. Since 1972, the time of the observatory watch can be accurately adjusted, which is due to the introduction of the stop-second function. Two years later, Rolex unveiled the sapphire crystal watch Mirror


Datejust watch
Datejust watch

Rolex 1967 gold datejust version— made for Cartier

In 1962, 16 Watch Enterprises, all shareholders of Neuchâtel Electronic watch making Center, jointly developed the first quartz movement, Beta 21 model. Owing to the feeling of being alienated by industry peers, which can be better expressed as, the Rolex has personal independence of conduct, so the Rolex did not participate. But Rolex later developed and created Oysterquartz in its own laboratory.

Rolex datejust model OysterQuartz, Ref.17000, is listed in the 1977 catalogue, and equipped with an internal quartz movement, but it is proved to be unsuccessful in market. But its market price is now quite impressive, with price now reaching between 2500Eur and 10000Eur, partly because of the Rolex brand’s influence.


Datejust watch
Datejust watch

Rolex 1979 Oyster Quartz steel model

Oyster-type perpetual datejust steel model or steel model matched with platinum bezel + commemorative or oyster watch belt, ascending to the realm of classic works of stable value. From the 1970s to 1980s, despite the trace of use , but its price can still be around 2.000Eur. as to the used watch, one thing to note is the thickness of the watch ear. Because the scratches have been polished several times, the watch ear will rub away a lot of materials, and it will fall in price. Spare parts supply is safe for later versions

Datejust watch
Datejust watch

Rolex datejust Two-Tones double color gold version, valuable for its rarity

The massively produced gold version of datejust model watch is obviously not well polarized, it is priced at 3000 eur at least and 10000 eur at most in the secondary market.

An eternal and ever-improving totem

Rolex Datejust has a highly identified value , like almost all the Rolex models. The shape of the case is becoming more and more masculine, but the watch (Face layout, pointer, Cyclops and specifications) remains basically unchanged. In addition, a typical commemorative or oyster watch belt gives the watch an eternal design.

There are only a handful of special editions of the Datejust-1, in 1980s, they have a lunar phase-indicating datejust, and a Rolex Thunderbird Datejust with a rotating bezel. In the early 2000, Rolex introduced a new polishing ring to replace the tooth ring. Its size has remained unchanged for decades- until recently the datejust-II has been introduced, in response to the demand for large watch plate in modern days and the DJ has grown from 36 to 41 millimeters. However, the second edition of the Datejust type is still beautiful, close to the basic Rolex design.

Datejust watch
Datejust watch

Modern 2012 41mm Datejust 2

The movement has also been greatly improved, but not fully updated. Packed with parachrom blue Gossamer 3135 movement, Rolex Datejust entered into the 21st century. In 2014, Rolex has just launched a new version of the 3-colour plate of datejust, once again proving its versatility and eternal spirit .

Continuous improvement creates a unique watch: a reliable, daily-wearing wrist watch that is highly accurate and applies to everyone. For more information, please visit This watch website is found by me when I use the search engine to search “REPLICA ROLEX”, I also bought a datejust type Rolex on it, which is really good. There is no difference between it and the real one, the fans who want to wear Rolex and don’t want to spend too much money are advised to buy here.

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