Rolex New Explorer II White Face Replica Review

Rolexes have now become a standard in every top-level executive’s watch box. But when Rolex first started in the watchmaking business, every model they had was marketed for a specific niche. The iconic Submariner was for divers, the rugged GMT-Master was for pilots, and the robust Explorer was for Speleologist or as they are more commonly known, cave explorers. It takes a different kind of spirit to be a cave explorer and Rolex was keen to show their support by creating a special watch specifically for them. Cavers have to spend an exorbitant amount of time in complete darkness, sometimes for weeks even. One of the main distinguishing features of the original Rolex Explorer was a 24-hour orange colored hand and bezel. This helped the cavers differentiate between night or day. A highly luminous dial was also added to make it easier to read the time in pitch black conditions. Today, in this article we will introduce the Rolex New Explorer II White Face Replica I bought recently.

The latest Rolex Explorer II, released 40-years after the original, is now ready for the modern adventurer while still staying true to its spelunking roots. I’ve been an avid watch collector and I’ll admit I never cared for the Explorer as much as I did the Submariner or the GMT-Master but the new Rolex Explorer II is now one of my top favorites. The replica that I’m reviewing now is as close as you or I can get original without having to mortgage my house.

Rolex New Explorer II White Face Replica
Rolex New Explorer II White Face Replica

Watch Case

To survive the adventures extreme conditions, the original Rolex Explorer II is completely built with high quality stainless steel. The replica also uses a sililar high-quality stainless steel that is scratch resistant. Matching every millimeter of the original, the replica also has the same 42mm oversized watch face perfect for any adventure.


Deciding between the white or black face was a very difficult decision. In the end, I ordered the white face because I realized how the large orange hand, which is only available on this model, seems to pop-out.

All of the watches hands, including the bright orange 24-hour hand, are luminescent. The problem with lower end replicas is the use of lower quality lume that glows unevenly and doesn’t last for too long. The replica I’m linking below doesn’t have that. I commend the manufacturer for taking the time in the littlest details.


The manufacturer of this replica obviously spent countless hours researching and perfecting the process to be able to make this bracelet. Based on the original Oyster Bracelet, this replica feels and looks just like the original. So much so that I wouldn’t mind replacing my original Rolexes with the replica bracelet.


Matching the original Rolex Caliber 3187, this replica features a custom Asian movement to support the 24-hour GMT hour hand. It’s also self-winding and adjustments are identical to the original Rolex.

Brand, Seller, or Collection Name  Rolex

Model Year   2011

Item Shape   Round

Display Type Analog

Case diameter   42 millimeters

Case Thickness  13 millimeters

Band Material   Stainless Steel Rolex Oyster

Band length  7 inches

Band width  15 millimeters

Dial color   White

Bezel material  Fixed – Stainless Steel

CalendarDate Display at the 3 o’clock position

Item weight  15.84 Ounces


Water resistant    Yes

Verdict of Rolex New Explorer II White Face Replica

The Rolex Explorer line failed to outsell the GMT-Master or the Submariner. However, the Rolex Explorer II new is breaking free from being compared to its big brother, the GMT-Master. The Explorer II has evolved over the years and in my opinion, the most versatile Rolex available today. It has the classic styling of the Submariner without being boring. The manliness of the GMT-Master without the bulkiness. Lastly, the comfort of the Day-Date without being too gaudy. I highly recommend the Rolex Explorer II and if you want to check the replica that I’m reviewing.

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